We have created our own version of sensitive massages adapting to the needs of our clients. Massages in which you can behave in a totally passive way or in which you will experience the sensation of being covered by the warmth of a body working and stimulating every part of yours.

All massages are designed to be received by women, men and couples. But none of them will carry out any sexual practice outside the Lingam massage for him and the Yoni massage for her.

We understand and practice prostate massage for clients who wish to experience or understand the pleasure of this massage in all its forms.

  • During massages that are practiced using the body, encounters between therapist and client genitalia will not take place.
  • In all of them we use hypoallergenic liquid vaseline, compatible with all skins, without aromas and chemicals.
  • All our rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a private shower.

In none of the massages is the option of penetration, cunilingus or fellatio permitted as an alternative finish, or available during the course of the chosen massage session.

Couple Massage

We offer an intimate moment to couples who wish to live a pleasant, exciting and respectful experience. With the possibility of receiving the massage of one or two massage therapists.

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
60 Min. 170€ 230€
90 Min. 200€ 300€

Tantra Zenn

Practiced with hands and arms, there is no possible contact with the therapist nor visual stimulation.
Designed to enjoy the benefits of the massage from in a totally passive way.

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
30 Min. 50€
60 Min. 80€ 160€

Mutual Zenn

First contact with the body of the therapist, made with her whole body and with a medium and increasing intensity.

Stimulation and finish according to tantric techniques.

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
30 Min. 70€ 140€
60 Min. 100€ 200€

Body Zenn

Massage loaded with sensuality. A fusion of the tantric ritual and a mutual massage, soft, intense and very sensitive. Longer stimulation and finishing according to tantric techniques.

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
30 Min. 80€ 150€
60 Min. 130€ 250€
90 Min. 190€ 360€

VIP Zenn

We take the essence of each massage so you can experience the feeling of each of our massages in one. Two possible stimulations with different techniques and a personalized intensity.

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
60 Min. 160€ 300€
90 Min. 180€ 360€

Fantasy Zenn

High level of excitement throughout the session, with two possible finishing ways if you wish, and with a continuous stimulation to extend the pleasure of all your senses.

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
30 Min. 100€ 200€
60 Min. 160€ 300€

Desire Zenn

Not defined by any massage pattern, we offer suggestions and we listen to yours. How do you want to enjoy your relax time?

1 Therapist 2 Therapists
30 Min. 120€ 230€
60 Min. 200€ 400€